Mommy where's my mask

A book to assist children with learning the importance of wearing a face mask during Covid.
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Mekeisha McCloud
The Writer

Mekeisha McCloud is a Childcare Provider born and raised in New York City. Growing up in the inner city Ms. McCloud chose to educate children in her community. During this trying time of the unknown Ms. McCloud continues to run, and operate a Daycare Center. There she teaches and practices health and safety measures to preschoolers. Ms. McCloud also teaches basic learning skills, and morals for the everyday world. During the Covid Pandemic, Ms. McCloud decided to create a book explaining the importance of wearing a face mask. Most children do not understand the reason for the mask, and the sudden change of abnormality. This book was created to assist with teaching them.


"Mommy Where's My Mask" is a great book to purchase for your little ones. This book has great colorful depictions that will draw your child into the next page. Since having this book Sabre has not put it down. Shipping was quick also. Great investment for daycare center just saying.

"Guess what came today! Your Book!!! Thank you so much my daughter loves it! We read it twice already. The illustrations and the message is phenomenal"

"This book is right on time. Great for the children during this pandemic. My son absolutely loves the graphic and I love the message! Good job"